Lovely Missy

Missy who suffered a terrible attack by another dog


It would be difficult to find a breed of dog more uniformly calm and docile as the Greyhound. This may come as a surprise to many, especially those unfamiliar with the breed, where there is an historical association with chasing smaller creatures. However, the Greyhound is one of the least aggressive breeds that you will come across.


It was perhaps this very nature which made things all the more bitter for her owner, who had been walking her elegant and much-adored Greyhound, Missy, in a park in Ipswich one sunny Saturday afternoon in July. In a matter of seconds, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier had launched itself towards Missy and in a frenzy had savaged her left fore below the shoulder. Her owner rushed Missy to her usual vet who then immediately sent her to Christchurch Veterinary Referrals.


Missy's wounds were horrific. A massive gaping hole was present in her left fore; major blood vessels and the biceps muscle had been completely severed. Over the following weeks, a series of reparative and reconstructive surgeries were performed and in the fullness of time Missy's left foreleg was returned to normal, apart from a scar which she proudly sports.


Her owner recalls; “The care, love and attention they (CVR) gave Missy during her three weeks stay with them after being subjected to a most ferocious dog attack was exemplary. Even after her discharge as an in-patient, on her out-patient visits Missy and I were always greeted with kindness and support. From the ladies at reception to the vet nurses working away in the background, nothing was too much trouble. Shane was so lovely both in his professional care for Missy and his obvious love of animals – he definitely went above and beyond the call of duty. I don't really have the words to thank them all enough for helping to make Missy better!”.


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