Diagnostic Imaging


Our Diagnosic Imaging team have a wealth of equipment available to them 24hrs a day.

Onsite MRI Scanner

We have an on-site Vet-MR Grande MRI Scanner. This innovative Scanner is a dedicated Veterinary MRI which gives us incredible quality scans. MRI is the imaging modality of choice for the evaluation and diagnosis of the following areas:

Brain conditions
Chiari malformation, inclusive of the BVA Syringomyelia screening program
Intervertebral Disc disease – disc rupture and protrusion (“slipped disc”)
Lumbosacral stenosis
Canine Wobbler Syndrome
Tumour margin evaluation


Digital X-ray

Our Digital X-ray suite is the most advanced of its kind, offering high quality pictures which are rapidly available to our clinicians for assessment. These images are forwarded to our central database and can then be viewed anywhere around the centre as required.

 Arthroscopy (Joint Key Hole Surgery)

Arthroscopy is essentially a camera system for evaluating painful joints. Arthroscopes are attached to cameras connected to video monitors. Otherwise tiny images from within joints are then easily viewed. Arthroscope sizes range from 1.9mm to4.5mm.

This effectively means that at the smallest end, a camera of 1.9mm diameter can be inserted into a joint. Using arthroscopy, the surgeons are able to treat many joint problems in a minimally invasive way, ensuring a faster, more comfortable recovery.

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