Referral Surgery

Our Referral Practice accepts Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic cases from other vets from all over East Anglia.

We have three surgeons, Shane Morrison,  Stefano Genon & Adrian Dumitrui who have huge experience, that deal with the Referrals.

We have fantastic facilities available which enable us to offer your pet the most exceptional care:

  • We have three excellently equipped sterile theatres are HEPA filtered to reduce air borne bacteria.
  • Our referral centre is painted throughout with a specialist anti-bacterial paint used in human hospitals.
  • We employ only qualified Veterinary Nurses to care for your pet’s needs.
  • All patients are monitored closely whilst under general anaesthetic using the most up to date blood pressure, pulse oximetry (blood oxygen levels), Capnography (CO2 levels) and ECG equipment to ensure their safety.
  • We routinely use only the safest types of anaesthesia available.
  • In House Hydrotherapy unit for patient rehabilitation.

If you are referred to our surgery by your vet you are not changing vets, just coming to our surgery for a more complicated procedure. The surgeon you see will then send your vet a letter explaining all the treatment your pet has received and what after-care he/she now needs. You then return to your usual vet for all the normal treatment usually received.

If you feel that your pet requires a referral then you only have to request this from your usual vet and they will happily refer you for treatment.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we can advise you on the referral process.

Some examples of the surgery that we undertake include:

  • Arthroscopy - a camera which we use to examine joints through only a tiny incision, enabling us to give very accurate diagnosis when dealing with lameness problems.
  • Canine and Feline Total Hip Replacement
  • Slocum TPLO the latest treatment to repair ruptured Cruciate ligaments
  • Spinal Surgery we undertake all types of Spinal Surgery
  • TPO/DPO – A procedure that can be undertaken on dogs under 12 months of age (the younger the better) with hip dysplasia to hopefully prevent Total Hip Replacement being required in later years.
  • Complicated  fracture repairs
  • Luxating Patella correction
  • Endoscopy - A camera which enables us to examine the patients gastro intestinal tract
  • Bronchoscopy - A camera which enables us to examine the patients respiratory tract
  • Perineal Hernia repair
  • Colposuspension - treating female canine incontinence
  • TECA - Surgical treatment for chronic (long term) ear infections which have usually become middle ear problems.
  • MRI Scanning on-site for spinal problems, brain disorders and many other soft tissue and orthopaedic problems.

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